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FALLEN CITY, a crime novel written with Lawrence Kelter!

Coming in 2018...!

THE GETAWAY LIST, Frank's second crime novel collaboration with Eric Beetner!


IN THE END (River City #5)

HARBINGER (with Jim Wilsky)

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HardcoreThuglit…Writing About Wrongs.

This anthology is the first volume from Todd Robinson, and is drawn from the best Thuglit stories of 2006-07, along with several additional new stories by well known writers such as:

KEN BRUEN (author of American Skin and Priest)
SEAN CHERCOVER (author of Big City, Bad Blood)
VICTOR GISCHLER (author of Shotgun Opera and Gun Monkeys)
CHARLIE STELLA (author of Mafiya, Shakedown)
DUANE SWIERCZYNSKI (author of The Blonde, The Wheelman)

My own contribution is the story:

Rescuing Isaac

Available in paperbck on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Also available in all formats in my short story collection Dead Even

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