Now available!
THE LAST COLLAR, a crime novel written with Lawrence Kelter

Now Available!
THE SHORT LIST, Frank's second crime novel collaboration with Eric Beetner!

Now Available!
Friend of the Departed (Kopriva #3)

Attention Audio Book Lovers: Almost all Frank Zafiro titles are now available in audio book format (the rest are coming soon)! Select your title to see where to get your audio book version of your favorite novel.



Under a Raging Moon - A River City Novel

River City #1

Heroes Often Fail - A River City Crime Novel

River City #2

Beneath a Weekping Sky - A River City Crime Novel

River City #3

And Every Man Has To Die - Frank Zafiro

River City #4


Waist Deep - Frank Zafiro

Stefan Kopriva #1


Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Stefan Kopriva #2


Stefan Kopriva #3

BackList FINAL Cover

A Bricks and Cam Job #1

A Bricks and Cam Job #2


Blood on Blood

Ania Trilogy #1



Ania Trilogy #2


Ania Trilogy #3


ATOG V6 final



 TradeOff Front


Some Degree of Murder

The Last Hoseman - Frank Zafiro

Chisolm's Debt

At This Point in My LifeLast Collar FINAL

TROUBLE Box Set23d Collection coverV23d Ania cover





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