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The Ania Trilogy (with Jim Wilsky) featuring BLOOD ON BLOOD, QUEEN OF DIAMONDS, and CLOSING THE CIRCLE... and the new prequel, HARBINGER

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FALLEN CITY, a crime novel written with Lawrence Kelter!

"Adam Raised a Cain", a short story in Down and Out: The Magazine, Vol 3

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THE GETAWAY LIST, Frank's third crime novel collaboration with Eric Beetner!

IN THE END (River City #5)

"Details in Black", a short story in the anthology, BLACK CAR BUSINESS, Vol. 2

"Titus, My Brother", a short story in the anthology, THE ODDS ARE AGAINST US

And more!

Coming in 2019

A GRIFTER'S SONG (Season 1) - a six part novella anthology series featuring Frank Zafiro, Lawrence Kelter, JD Rhoades, Gary Phillips, Jim Wilsky, and Colin Conway. Edited by Frank Zafiro

CHARLIE-316 (w/ Colin Conway) - Mar 2019

IN THE CUT - July 2019

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Ania Trilogy #3

In this hard boiled crime novel, Frank Zafiro and Jim Wilsky team up for the third installment in the saga of Ania, the siren grifter who starred in Blood on Blood and Queen of Diamonds.

John Pearse is a loss recovery agent for an insurance agency. When a set of crown jewels that his company paid out on resurface in the middle of a Russian/Polish mafia war in Chicago, Pearse is sent in to find and recover the diamonds. Standing in his ways are gangsters, grifters, and cops, but the biggest obstacle will be the sexy Ania, who has managed to stay one step of everyone else…until now.

Andros Krol is muscle for the Polish mafia in Chicago, tasked by his boss to bring back more than just the diamonds. Strong and cunning, Krol is after the money Ania took, but his biggest priority is to deliver brutal justice and a final day of reckoning for Ania.

Pearse and Krol are locked into a race against time and each other as they pursue the wily Ania.

The circle is closing on all of them.

AVAILABLE October 2018!

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“Brings the trilogy that started with “Blood on Blood” and continued in “Queen of Diamonds” to an epic finale that is sure to satisfy…a very fun caper story that will appeal to mystery lovers, crime fiction buffs and anyone who loves a good heist movie.”
-Brian Triplett,


“If you loved the first two books in this series you’re going to love Closing the Circle as the third book in the Ania trilogy. It pulled all of the characters together from the previous two books into another suspenseful adventure trying to find the dangerously beautiful girl Ania Kozak. What will Ania do next? Will the men chasing her find her? Will she get away this time? You’ll have to read to find out!”
-Kara Hooper, from a 5-star review

Closing the circle is the final book in a trilogy that begins with Blood on Blood


and continues in Queen of Diamonds


And don’t forget the prequel, Harbinger, an Ania origin story!



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