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FALLEN CITY, a crime novel written with Lawrence Kelter!

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THE GETAWAY LIST, Frank's second crime novel collaboration with Eric Beetner!


IN THE END (River City #5)

HARBINGER (with Jim Wilsky)

Attention Audio Book Lovers: Almost all Frank Zafiro titles are now available in audio book format (the rest are coming soon)! Select your title to see where to get your audio book version of your favorite novel.

Seminar2 GDPMy second novel workshop in a series of three begins on January 7, 2014 — REVISE YOUR NOVEL! If you’ve got a completed draft (or a partially completed one) and are struggling with the revision process, this is the workshop for you. It isn’t necessary to have taken the previous workshop (WRITE YOUR NOVEL!) to take this one, and you don’t have to take the follow up workshop (PUBLISH YOUR NOVEL!) if you don’t want to. Each are designed as stand alone workshops that also work well as a series…sort of like a good mystery series, if you think about it!

REVISE YOUR NOVEL! will focus on the revision process, including weeding out weak words and using powerful ones, the power of being succinct, “killing your darlings”, when to take advice and when to leave it, and when to know when it is finished. Throughout the workshop, you will receive ongoing suggested revisions on parts of your novel from me, work on revising your own work, and the work of others.

The workshop will be six sessions over about ten weeks, and will meet at Auntie’s Bookstore in downtown Spokane on Tuesday nights, beginning January 7, 2014.

The cost is $99 per writer.

Email me at to reserve your spot. Due to the intensive nature of the revision process, space will be limited so that appropriate attention and energy can be given to each writer’s work. Here’s a PDF copy of the flyer:  Seminar2

Please note that the next session in the Spring will be PUBLISH YOUR NOVEL!, and there will be another session of WRITE YOUR NOVEL! in the Fall of 2014.

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