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THE LAST COLLAR, a crime novel written with Lawrence Kelter!

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THE SHORT LIST, Frank's second crime novel collaboration with Eric Beetner!

Now Available!
Friend of the Departed (Kopriva #3)

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Wrong Place, Write Crime
is a podcast about crime fiction authors, mysteries, art and life featuring Frank Zafiro as host. Episodes include guest interviews (primarily with authors of crime fiction, but not always), as well as quick hit reviews from mystery bookstore experts, flash interviews with future guests and updates on works in progress by the host and other authors.

This podcast explores the art of writing crime fiction, the art of reading crime fiction, and any other cool topic that comes up, as long as it falls under the category of either ‘art’ or ‘life.’

Upcoming Summer 2017 Guests and Broadcast Schedule (subject to change due to guest availability)

June 5: Dave Zeltersman
  In which Dave talks about the new Netflix film SMALL CRIMES that was based upon his novel, as well as his other works, his early days as a writer, and why he believes the days of successful self-publishing are done.
June 19: Danny Gardner
  In which Danny talks about his new novel A NEGRO AND AN OFAY, getting bumped for Damon Wayons at stand up clubs all over Los Angeles, getting your art out there, and then gives the most eloquent and common sense explanation of how we should be dealing with race in America that you’re ever likely to hear anywhere. 

July 3: Steve Hamilton
July 17: Sarah M. Chen
July 31: John Floyd

August 14: Larry Kelter
August 28: Fleur Bradley

Preview Episode now available!


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